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Lab Support

Our school workshops offer much more than simple learning. We focus on fostering creative thinking and hands-on experience to provide students with interactive and exciting opportunities in technology, design and innovation.

Through our interactive school workshops, we aim to provide students with a dynamic learning environment where they can develop their potential. We believe that creative thinking and hands-on learning lay the foundations for a successful future. Our workshops are designed to help students hone their imagination and analytical skills while strengthening their problem-solving skills.

In the workshops, students are encouraged to engage with cutting-edge technologies and develop innovative solutions. They have the opportunity to learn about different tools and techniques, whether in the field of 3D printing, robotics or programming. Through hands-on exercises and teamwork, students can deepen their technical understanding while developing their creative skills.

Our experienced team of professionals accompanies the students throughout the workshop and provides them with advice and support. We want to give them the opportunity to explore and implement their own ideas by providing them with the right tools and resources. In doing so, we place great emphasis on a positive learning atmosphere where students are encouraged to ask questions, try new approaches and learn from mistakes.

3D printer maintenance

Lab Support

Our 3D printer maintenance service is designed to ensure the long-term and optimal performance of your 3D printer. We offer a wide range of services that include regular inspections, thorough calibrations, and effective repairs. Through these targeted measures, we minimize downtime and ensure that your 3D printer is always in top condition.

Our experts are ready to give your 3D printer a thorough inspection. All major components and systems are checked to identify potential problems at an early stage. A regular inspection allows us to identify potential weaknesses and take appropriate action before they can lead to major malfunctions.

Furthermore, we attach great importance to the calibration of your 3D printer. Through precise adjustments, we ensure that your device works accurately and reliably. Our experienced technicians have the necessary know-how to carry out the correct alignment of the axes, the optimal print bed leveling and other important settings. These calibrations help you achieve the best printing results and minimize potential sources of error.

In case of malfunction or damage, our repair service is ready to offer a quick and efficient solution. Our technicians are highly trained and familiar with the most common 3D printer models. They carefully analyze the problem, procure spare parts if necessary, and carry out the repair professionally. Our goal is to keep the downtime of your 3D printer as low as possible and to ensure a quick restoration of operability.

Why 3idee?

All-in-one solutions & Passion for 3D printing

We have been passionately involved in the 3D printing industry for several years. In addition to our services, we also actively use 3D printing for our own product development. We can help you set up and maintain your 3D printing lab with all your technical and safety questions and always speak from our own experience in our consulting services!

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