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3IDEE spikes, traction improvement, lawn aerator compatible with Gardena SILENO City 250,300,500 robotic mowers - made of stainless steel - easy installation without drilling

The spikes are compatible with the following products from GARDENA (gardena.com): Sileno City 250, Sileno City 300, Sileno City 500, Smart Sileno City 250, Smart Sileno City 500.

With the robotic lawnmower spikes, you can finally provide your robotic lawnmower brand GARDENA with the necessary upgrade.

The 3idee grdn-sln spikes provide a significant traction improvement of your GARDENA robotic lawnmower and additionally for sufficient lawn aeration while mowing.

Here you can download the manual as a PDF

Download as PDF

The spikes are stainless steel parts, which can be sharp-edged and dangerous. All parts are deburred by us, nevertheless caution is required during assembly. Dangerous cut injuries can occur!

Please keep the components away from children.

grdn-sln Mähroboter Spikes

4x spikes (stainless steel)

(Figure a)

Figure a Figure a

4x holder (plastic)

(Figure b)

Figure b Figure b

16x M3x40 countersunk screw (stainless steel)

16x M3 nut self-locking (pre-assembled by 3idee)

(Figure c)

Figure c Figure c
Step 1

Turn your GARDENA robotic lawnmower upside down so that the wheels are facing up. (Figure 1)

First clean the wheels and free them from lawn and soil debris. This is important for the correct installation of the spikes in the next steps.

It is best to use a flathead screwdriver or brush to do this.

Figure 1 Figure 1

Step 2

Take one of the black plastic parts out and put it on the wheel from behind.
Make sure the ridges on the plastic piece fit between the bumps on the wheel. (Figure 2)

Figure 2 Figure 2

Step 3

The raised edge of the plastic holder must be inserted into the recess in the GARDENA Wheel. This centers the plastic holder. (Figure 3)

Figure 3 Figure 3

Step 4

This is how the mounted holder should now look from the front. The holder should now sit flush against the wheel. (Figure 4)

Figure 4 Figure 4

Step 5

Screw the stainless steel spikes from the front to the holders inserted in step 3. (Figure 5)

Use (4x) M3x40 countersunk screw.

Figure 5 Figure 5

Step 6

A completed wheel half should now look like the one shown. (Figure 6)

Figure 6 Figure 6

Step 7

Perform step 1 - step 5 (4x) until both wheels are covered with the 3idee spikes. (Figure 7)

Figure 7 Figure 7
General notes
  • Dimensions stainless steel spikes:
    Outer diameter: 218mm

    Inner diameter: 180mm

    Thickness: 2mm
  • Make sure all screws are tight and the stainless steel spikes are firmly attached to the wheel.
  • The material of the holder (PLA plastic) is conditionally heat resistant. (45-55°C)
  • PLA is a UV resistant material. (Holder)
  • The surface of the black plastic holders may wear over time and show appearances of wear. This is normal and only occurs more initially, but does not affect the performance of the product.
  • The spikes and screws are made of stainless steel (V2A) and are therefore resistant to corrosion and weathering.
Material notes

Stainless steel (V2A) is a corrosion-resistant and weatherproof material. Nevertheless, corrosion (rust) can occur with the contact of, for example, metal chips.

Holder (plastic):
The adapter is made of high-quality polylactide (PLA) plastic. PLA is both a colorfast and UV-resistant material and has low flammability. Polylactide has a temperature resistance (glass transition temperature) of approx. 45°C-55°C and is therefore not suitable for use in the vicinity of direct / extreme heat and heat sources.

We wish you a lot of fun with your product.

Your 3idee Team