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Clean 3D printing: The design of the unwinding unit including ball bearing ensures clean unwinding and nice print quality.

  • The 3idee fab-next filament dispenser is an innovative product that enables the versatile use of filament rolls from various manufacturers, including brands such as Prusament, Polymaker, Formfutura, eSun and many others.

  • The dispenser features a very smooth rail system that adapts to any roll, even if it is not perfectly parallel, such as cardboard rolls. This ensures a smooth and even unwinding process.

  • By adjusting the rolls using simple screws, smaller filament rolls can be used. This flexibility makes it possible to accommodate different sizes of filament rolls and ensure that filament is unwound properly, regardless of their size.

  • Thanks to high-quality built-in components, the filament dispenser runs maintenance-free and requires no regular upkeep. However, should a component ever become damaged, a sophisticated design allows all parts to be replaced. This ensures the longevity of the product and possible repairs can be carried out easily and independently.

  • The 3idee filament dispenser offers a practical solution for 3D printer enthusiasts and professional users who want to use filament rolls from different manufacturers.

  • By using PETG, it is also possible to use it in heated print chambers. (Example: ABS)

  • In addition, mounting on a 3D printer is possible, thanks to holes in the rails.