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Material: PETG
Spool widths: 32mm - 160mm
Number of ball bearings: 8x 608 2RS

Note: The 3idee fab-next filament dispenser is supplied as a kit. Individual components, such as rollers and carriages, are already pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.

Professional filament dispenser with ball bearing

The 3idee fab-next filament dispenser redefines efficiency and versatility to meet the needs of demanding 3D printing applications. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, it offers a reliable solution for filament feeding and management.

Robust construction

The heart of the filament dispenser consists of four individually mounted rollers, each equipped with high-quality ball bearings. These rollers are mounted on two sturdy "carriages" - one fixed side and one movable side. This design effortlessly compensates for imbalances in filament spools to ensure a smooth printing process.

Infinitely variable from 32mm to 160mm width

Flexibility is a decisive advantage of the 3idee fab-next filament dispenser. By using two different carriages, variable spool widths from 32mm to an impressive 160mm can be easily adapted. This allows the use of a variety of filament spools and increases the versatility of this filament holder.

Movable carriage for continuous adjustment

The movable carriage, also equipped with four ball bearings, runs smoothly in a rail. This design allows the free carriage to continuously adapt to the spools. This dynamic adjustment ensures even filament guidance throughout the printing process.

PETG for heat resistance

The entire filament dispenser is made of PETG , which gives it impressive heat resistance. This feature makes it ideal for use in higher temperature environments, such as heated print chambers for ABS printing. The material ensures reliable performance in demanding conditions.

Continuous use for longevity and improvements

The 3idee fab-next filament dispenser is used daily around the clock on all our printers. This continuous use not only serves as an endurance test for longevity, but also allows us to identify potential improvements and continuously develop our products. Rely on 3idee for outstanding quality and innovation in filament management.